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The problem with Nuclear Power

June 12, 2012


Nuclear energy is something of a hot topic, both in general public media and in renewable energy circles. It’s become a bit of a messy debate, and has certainly made me think about it a lot. So I decided to share some of my thoughts. But before I get to the problem with nuclear energy, […]

An Environmentalist at a Car show

March 13, 2012


So I was fortunate enough to visit the Geneva Auto Show. Now normally this isn’t really a prime destination for me. I am what you might call a car-skeptic. Ok maybe that’s too strong a term. I do drive if I must but I always feel that driving is something of a failing – either […]

The case for Biofuels

December 17, 2009


Another one in the "I just learn't something important" line… So biofuels then. Widely vilified in th environmental community – sometimes I feel almost pathologically so. And i would say justly so: palm oil is probably a worse environmental disaster than crude, adding massive deforestation and increasing food prices to the problems of burning fuel. […]

Why you shouldn’t go to Copenhagen

November 25, 2009


A quick note before i begin: I'm currently learning a hell of a lot about energy and environment in a short amount of time so some of these ideas are based on knowledge that hasn't really had time to be properly digested. You are more than welcome to (constructively) critique. I also apologize in advance […]

Winds of change

July 13, 2009


It carves mountains and forms landscape.It moves oceans and flattens citiesIt sent explorers round the world.The power of wind is everywhere, and the amount of energy it contains is astounding. A single hurricane contains  kinetic energy equivalent to half the worlds electrical generating capacity. And yet we have an industry dragging its feet over wind, […]

Speedy thoughts on climate change deniers

July 9, 2009


This is one that's been going through my head a lot. Partly it's the sort of "that's what I should have said" frustration, only in this case the frustration is not having been present at a couple of discussions. In these particular discussions a friend of mine who has and continues to do excellent work […]