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October 11, 2010


Becoming Green poses some unexpected moral quandries. Acts taken for granted by everyone around you become cause for internal debate. I would like a buy a camera. But should I? Is it reasonable to spend quite a lot of money on personal gratification? Is it something it really NEED? And can i justify demanding a […]

In the face of progress

August 29, 2010


"All the voices in my head and all the people I meet,They're all trying do hard to make a man out of me" It does seem this pressure mounts. Though I can't say for for certain, I feel the technical environment has something to do with it. It feel like being in a technical field […]

The Fallacy of Personality

July 26, 2009


People are hard to understand – that's well established. But why is this so? After all we are social animals, surely being able to understand each other is rather important. I believe a lot of confusion arises from centuries of flawed "folk psychology" – the way everyday people analyses each other. I believe the common […]


July 17, 2009


Do you know the principle of a stoning? I don't mean the physical act, but the social principle. Stoning a person to death is a surprisingly subtle thing – more than just a barbaric punishment. It combines several things.Firstly there is catharsis: the population expresses its revenge and outrage at the transgression of its rules, […]