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Optimized Boids II : pyglet [Updated]

February 4, 2012


tl;dr – code now availalbe on github I previously posted an optimized version of Craig Reynolds flocking algorithm. Nothing very fancy – simply adding a way to store the boid objects in a grid data structure which makes looking up the distances between boids much faster. I felt the need to do this because there […]

Predictions for the PS4

December 31, 2011


I am a gamer, among other things. Not an avid gamer – no time for that sort of thing – but I often prefer to play a game than watch a movie. I own a PS3, because I got sick of eternally upgrading PCs and stuffing them with ice packs to get them to run […]

An optimized Boids implementation

January 2, 2011


[Update: there is now a python version of this script which might be easier to follow] Better late than never… After first completely breaking my program while trying to improve it (the best being the enemy of the good) and having generally got fed up with the whole thing for a while I’ve finally come […]

Rant: pointless sales numbers.

November 22, 2010


Short rant: why are people obsessed with game console sales numbers? I’ve been seeing this ever since i decided to go to console games: people are fucking obsessed with the console sales numbers. Every month there’s an article, and I’ve had enough. I mean i can see how this may be of interest to developers […]