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An Environmentalist at a Car show

March 13, 2012


So I was fortunate enough to visit the Geneva Auto Show. Now normally this isn’t really a prime destination for me. I am what you might call a car-skeptic. Ok maybe that’s too strong a term. I do drive if I must but I always feel that driving is something of a failing – either […]

Feminism and the population problem

March 8, 2012


An increasing number of environmentalists are raising the problem of increasing population as the new big environmental issue. While i basically agree, i prefer to make the distinction that population in itself is not the issue, so much as the way it seriously exacerbates environmental issues. These include energy supply, food supply, soil depletion, resource […]

The day gay marriage is legalized, nothing will change. And that’s what its opponents are afraid of.

March 5, 2012


I was trying to figure out why people get so upset about gay marriage. After all, it has absolutely no effect on the lives of non-gays. Zero. It is, practically speaking, a change in legal formalities giving people certain rights and responsibilities. So why do people get so worked up considering that the day gay […]