Disqus can go fuck itself

Posted on November 7, 2013


Moment of rage here. For those unaware, Disqus is a commenting system you can add to your site instead of rolling your own. I used to be a fan – instead of creating a new account for every blog you wanted to comment on you could log in with an existing twitter/facebook/google account.

And then one day, I hit login with twitter as usual, but instead of logging in as you might expect I get asked to register an email and password.

Instant. Fucking. Fury.

What the fuck is the point of a “social login” feature that doesn’t log you in? Those buttons might as well not be there. But that’s not the worst. The worst is that this USED TO WORK. I’ve been locked out of my own account and am now held hostage to creating a new account with Disqus.

Go. Fuck. Yourselves.

The entire and only interest of disqus for me was not having to create another stupid fucking account. Another password to remember then have to change again when they inevitably get hacked.

I really wouldn’t mind if this was they way it worked from the start. If they’d just started from the beginning. It’s the way they cynically drew people in with the easy, account free creation and then pulled the switch.

I refuse. I am not fucking giving in. There’s discussions I want to be part of that I can no longer be part of. So be it. I am not playing this game. They are not having my email to peddle on marketeers. I am not creating another stupid fucking account after they pulled that kind of stunt.

And if you’re reading this, do the internet a favor and don’t create one either. Don’t use disqus as your comment system. And while you’re at it, go tell them what you think of them on their facebook page.

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