Winds of change

Posted on July 13, 2009


It carves mountains and forms landscape.
It moves oceans and flattens cities
It sent explorers round the world.
The power of wind is everywhere, and the amount of energy it contains is astounding. A single hurricane contains  kinetic energy equivalent to half the worlds electrical generating capacity. And yet we have an industry dragging its feet over wind, the large utilities insisting its impossible, and people stubbornly resisting their construction. For a long time the song was that it was too expensive. And yet a new CIB report, again insisting that wind targets are unfeasible, claims among other things that wind investment is "crowding out" nuclear and coal. But surely these are profitable, right? What a change of tune – from claiming that wind is not economically viable to in essence demanding subsidies for outdated technology.

But we need not be beggars and theives for our power, alternating between pandering to the demands of oil-rich dictatorships and bullying poor nations into giving up their resources. Eitherway ideals of democracy and humans rights have been sacrificed. There is blood on our hands, and the stench of death is about us. But the technology to leave this inglorious past behind us is there. The energy, the basic physics is there. Science has done its part. Now all that is lacking is will – politcial and personal. The so called leaders of industry and commerce now just show their blind incompetance to enact even small changes.

In conclusion, we must cease to demand change – we must be the change. Don't wait for the head of some company head to listen to you: replace him! We are young, intelligent. We can be unstoppable – there is this to say, as cold as it may seem, about the old guard of fossil fuel barons and climate change deniers: they are old, and soon they will die. Now is the time to build a movement, a young culture with environmentalism in its viens who will replace those who could not do what needed to be done. And always remember: the future we live in will be the one we create.

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