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Silence, disorder, isolation, and humanity

January 16, 2011


Sitting in the train station waiting room. The people here are quiet, they read or listen to music. Each in their own bubble. It makes me think of the tension between the private/personal sphere – that protects the individuals’ right to be without being bothered by others actions, and the noise and disruption required by […]

Changing demographics and their relation to politics of the 20th century

November 18, 2010


It can be considered that there is a strong relation between the changing age makeup of the population in the 20th century  and the of the post WWII era. First the baby boom – a sudden jump in population. Of course this alone is not enough. This generation was born into a new world order, […]

The responsibility of talent

November 18, 2010


In the attention-deficit age of the internet, I’m going to get to the core of the message straight away: If you are in any way gifted, talented, or more intelligent than average, you bear a special responsibility towards others and to work for their benefit. This may sound odd to many. Even re-reading it myself […]

Reductionism, Complexity, and Personality Types

September 6, 2010


There is a branch of psychology that classifies people into “types” of personality. There are a number of variations, but a common scheme is this: Extroversion or Introversion Sensing or Intuition Thinking or Feeling Judging or Perceiving People are in one of each of these categories leading to 16 personality types. This is classical reductionism: […]

A tricky problem

August 29, 2010


Here's a puzzler: how do you convince someone who agrees with you? This is not as silly a question as it may seem. Read on! I am studying Energy Science. Essentially renewable energy in all its forms: technology, policy, economics. So of course all the people studying it are pretty much on the same page: […]

A source of energy more potent than bullshit

March 16, 2010


An great idea occurred to me to still the renewable energy naysayers: Why not use Racial Hatred as a source of fuel? Its incendiary nature would give it an energy content of approximately 30 MJ/L, more than the energy content of unrefined bullshit. Furthermore, the already abundant reserves could easily be extended by producing a […]

A touch of madness [old material]

December 9, 2009


What was i saying? Was it interesting? Oh wait i rememberIt was just about how people shut themselves in. Do crap things and automatically reject ways of living. Don't beleive that there are people living in squats who actually have a great time. Its just about what you can and can't accept as standards of […]