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Github for Science: A Concept

July 4, 2012


So coding and science have a rocky relationship. Scientists write programs to do all sorts of things: control experiments, process data, visualize it, store it in databases, solve maths problems, and more. But scientists are not software architects. Nor are they often terribly good project managers. What this means is that code that is crucial […]

Why all of science should use Python

July 3, 2012


Bit of a nerdy one today, and not one relating to anything in particular. It’s just that over the past months i’ve become increasingly obsessed with the Python programming language. It’s just beautiful – I’m not going to go into much details as they can be found on, but in short python can be […]

Optimized Boids II : pyglet [Updated]

February 4, 2012


tl;dr – code now availalbe on github I previously posted an optimized version of Craig Reynolds flocking algorithm. Nothing very fancy – simply adding a way to store the boid objects in a grid data structure which makes looking up the distances between boids much faster. I felt the need to do this because there […]

Predictions for the PS4

December 31, 2011


I am a gamer, among other things. Not an avid gamer – no time for that sort of thing – but I often prefer to play a game than watch a movie. I own a PS3, because I got sick of eternally upgrading PCs and stuffing them with ice packs to get them to run […]

Facebook’s Biggest Un-Secret: Your apps are watching you!

May 13, 2011


So – it turns out Facebook is hiring PR firms to highlight Google’s privacy violations “for the common good” – and not at all to draw attention away from its own practices (Pot, meet kettle, as they say.) So now seems a good time to flag an issue that’s been nagging me since I started […]

An optimized Boids implementation

January 2, 2011


[Update: there is now a python version of this script which might be easier to follow] Better late than never… After first completely breaking my program while trying to improve it (the best being the enemy of the good) and having generally got fed up with the whole thing for a while I’ve finally come […]

Optimized Boids I

October 27, 2010


As i mentioned in my previous post, I’m developing a little game based on Flocking simulations devised by Craig Reynolds. There’s more than enough ink been spilled describing these so I won’ t bother to explain here. What I would like to talk about is optimization. Many articles about boids in games mention that it […]