Disqus can go fuck itself

November 7, 2013


Moment of rage here. For those unaware, Disqus is a commenting system you can add to your site instead of rolling your own. I used to be a fan – instead of creating a new account for every blog you wanted to comment on you could log in with an existing twitter/facebook/google account. And then […]

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Reddit is just cats now

September 13, 2013


So i used to be a reddit fan. Great way to find new stuff. Except these last months it seems to front page has turned into a pet show-and-tell. Cut animals are all very well, bit hardly newsworthy. Conversely major events take place in the world. Huge surveillance revelations from the Snowden leaks, which you’d […]

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Protests in the news

January 7, 2013


It’s very interesting to see how the media covers (or fails to cover) protests. I read in headline from a large international news source today that “hundreds” demonstrated for press freedom in China. Funny thing is, “hundreds” is actually not very many people. I have seen protests with 200-500 people and they barely made a […]

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SQLAlchemy – MYSQL has gone away

January 2, 2013


So this bug bit me on the arse and it took me so long to track down the necessary bits of information needed to fix it that I think it’s worth sharing the hard won wisdom. The Problem When using SQLAlchemy with MYSQL for your python webapp, you encounter one or several of these error […]

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Forget Hydrogen: why H2 will never be big

September 28, 2012


I’ll confess up-front: this post exists largely because I feel the need to say things about energy and environment, topics which have been a bit lacking on this page. So I feel the need for a little public communication, sharing some of the things I know – things which to me seem fairly self evident […]

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Old text, but still relevant: Protests and the Passive Voice

August 28, 2012


Ah, news coverage on g20 protests. There’s no better way to realise how biased ordinary news coverage is until its about something you’re personally involved in. All these stories which seem quite reasonable and fair, until you know something about what they’re talking about and then you see it as right-wing hysteria, the tremulous voices […]

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An Ubuntu subscription service

July 28, 2012


The idea: A way for OSS devs to get paid. First the problem. OSS is great, but it’s always welcome if people can get a bit of money for their work. Some people try to live off it, others just pay for hosting. But the software is provided for free. You don’t want to pay […]

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