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Disqus can go fuck itself

November 7, 2013


Moment of rage here. For those unaware, Disqus is a commenting system you can add to your site instead of rolling your own. I used to be a fan – instead of creating a new account for every blog you wanted to comment on you could log in with an existing twitter/facebook/google account. And then […]

Reddit is just cats now

September 13, 2013


So i used to be a reddit fan. Great way to find new stuff. Except these last months it seems to front page has turned into a pet show-and-tell. Cut animals are all very well, bit hardly newsworthy. Conversely major events take place in the world. Huge surveillance revelations from the Snowden leaks, which you’d […]

Protests in the news

January 7, 2013


It’s very interesting to see how the media covers (or fails to cover) protests. I read in headline from a large international news source today that “hundreds” demonstrated for press freedom in China. Funny thing is, “hundreds” is actually not very many people. I have seen protests with 200-500 people and they barely made a […]

Forget Hydrogen: why H2 will never be big

September 28, 2012


I’ll confess up-front: this post exists largely because I feel the need to say things about energy and environment, topics which have been a bit lacking on this page. So I feel the need for a little public communication, sharing some of the things I know – things which to me seem fairly self evident […]

An Ubuntu subscription service

July 28, 2012


The idea: A way for OSS devs to get paid. First the problem. OSS is great, but it’s always welcome if people can get a bit of money for their work. Some people try to live off it, others just pay for hosting. But the software is provided for free. You don’t want to pay […]

Cycle Lanes (mini rant)

June 20, 2012


I don’t know who designs cycle lanes. But one thing is for sure: they aren’t cyclists. This thought struck me as I waited on the “cycle path”, conveniently situated in the middle of a double lane of traffic, waiting for a gap in the roaring wall death coming from the two lanes either side of […]


June 19, 2012


I made it myself! rofl 😛 (also works for “the ho’s getting down”)