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January 18, 2011


The first draft of the first few pages of a fantasy story about Oberon, Puck, and a world in danger “Puck is dead” The rumor rushed like floodwater through the sprawling elven palace, spreading silence in its wake, as people froze, grew silent with shock, grief, or fear. “Puck is dead” It made its way […]

Silence, disorder, isolation, and humanity

January 16, 2011


Sitting in the train station waiting room. The people here are quiet, they read or listen to music. Each in their own bubble. It makes me think of the tension between the private/personal sphere – that protects the individuals’ right to be without being bothered by others actions, and the noise and disruption required by […]

An optimized Boids implementation

January 2, 2011


[Update: there is now a python version of this script which might be easier to follow] Better late than never… After first completely breaking my program while trying to improve it (the best being the enemy of the good) and having generally got fed up with the whole thing for a while I’ve finally come […]