The day gay marriage is legalized, nothing will change. And that’s what its opponents are afraid of.

Posted on March 5, 2012


I was trying to figure out why people get so upset about gay marriage. After all, it has absolutely no effect on the lives of non-gays. Zero. It is, practically speaking, a change in legal formalities giving people certain rights and responsibilities. So why do people get so worked up considering that the day gay marriage is legalized will be be, for most people, just like any other day?

And that’s when I realized that that is precisely why certain people – religious authorities in particular – are so scared. They are scared because nothing will change. For all their bluster and dire warnings of moral collapse due to homosexualty, not one thing will be different in most people’s lives. Which is in complete contradiction with how they want people to believe the world works. And so their authority will be undermined in its entirety. More people will realize that they do not need that authority to tell them how to live, and this terrifies them!

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