Altar of Fallen Gods: Parts 1 and 2

Posted on October 16, 2011


In the Beginning

Two beings sit in the bottom of a well. The walls are high and made of irregular stone blocks. They are easy to climb, but the two beings never attempt to do so. They sat or lay on the cold smooth stone floor, listless. Beneath them are strange and complex patterns engraved on a monolithic circular stone slab big enough to build a house on. But they do not look at them.

One is a boy of indeterminate age. At first glance he appears to be a young adult, but closer scrutiny makes this less sure – he seems both young and old. He wears a faded plain orange tee-shirt under a blue zip-up hoodie, baggy cloth trousers, and soft shoes. His eyes are brown and his hair black and shaggy. His skin is tanned, with high angular cheek bones and a thin mouth.

The other is a girl, of similarly indeterminate age. She wears a white top under a large loose dark canvas jacket, a full length dark skirt, and trainers. Her hair is bright red and tied in a pony tail, drawing it back from her thin handsome face which is pale and freckled. Her eyes are jade green but seem to possess a curious dullness.

They do not talk. They do not sleep. They watch the sky as a circle of blue above them. They watch the days go by….

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