(nicer) shuffle button mockup

Posted on November 29, 2010


This is a (really ugly) mockup for a shuffle-mode selector suggestion for banshee media player. Done in paint since i’m slacking off at work 😛

Update: made a nicer version, still not refined though.

Background – computer user interfaces area  nice place to make some pretty nifty innovations. I’ve been following updates to Free Software projects for a while and the GUI work going on in Ubuntu and related projects is pretty exiting – finally open source doesn’t look like ass. Anyway commenting on some updates to banshee music player interface I thought of this. Currently Banshee has what i think is a pretty clever combined next&shuffle button. But apparently its not really discoverable for many people. Current plan is to drop it and go back to a normal one – in fact one in the bottom left corner to be like itunes, which I hate. Just because Apple does it, doesn’t mean its a good idea!! Got it? Good. So I was thinking how to innovate on the idea and was thinking of the ipod shuffle (yes its ironic) and its idiot proof play mode slider. Why not do that in Banshee, obviously adapted to the interface and theme.

This is the result. Basically the button slides into different positions as a selector: you clearly see what mode you’re in and which are available. You can click on the mode you want (normal with a mouse) or drag the slider (maybe nice with touch!)

It could even start as a normal shuffle button when disabled, then when you click “shuffle” this appears with a nice animation. Adding icons to it would of course be possible ( i suck at icons)

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