Posted on November 27, 2010


I like the daily show. If nothing else its a relief to know that there is at least some sanity left in America.
But sometimes I just can’t bear to watch. Why? Because of Fox “News”.
If you’ve never seen the Daily Show, you should know they frequently show clips from Fox “News” for the purposes of a satirizing giggle. The shows and pundits there are so completely outrageous, and the number of viewers so high, that its an urgent necessity for someone to do this.

But i just can’t bear to watch. Seeing the things that are allowed to air on Fox makes my blood boil and my skin crawl. The deep level of retardation. The crude and heavy handed partisanship and corporate (Murdoch)  ass-kissing. The complete disrespect for any basic journalistic ethic. I mean its common for tabloids to quote out of context, but to actually splice and cut Obama’s sentences in his speeches to construct something with a completely different meaning is the kind of behavior you’d expect of state media in a dictatorship. The other day they had this idiot (who i won’t even dignify by naming) prancing around with puppets. PUPPETS. To attempt to illustrate some insane conspiracy theory by which communist regimes were toppled by this all powerful communist millionaire (no, it doesn’t make any sense don’t even try) . FUCKING PUPPETS! Is this what political discourse has come to. A guy who spreads fear and ignorance preaching his idiot message with a bunch of puppets. Who’s every sentence includes at least one thing which is simply factually wrong. And who’s defense of his discourses complete disconnect with any actual facts or reality consists only of the claim that it is actually the “real true”. As opposed to the regular truth which is just, you know, related to observable facts.

So I can’t watch. It’s just too much – i can’t bear it. Its sort of the same embarrassment I feel when I cringe-worthy bits in comedy shows. I almost feel ashamed in Fox’s stead.

I am also furious of course, and hope that whole circus manages to fall down a black hole somehow and that Chief Fuckwit Murdoch falls in with it and never troubles this world again.

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