Rant: pointless sales numbers.

Posted on November 22, 2010


Short rant: why are people obsessed with game console sales numbers?

I’ve been seeing this ever since i decided to go to console games: people are fucking obsessed with the console sales numbers. Every month there’s an article, and I’ve had enough.

I mean i can see how this may be of interest to developers or business folks. But these articles show up on gamer websites like clockwork. This console has sold more than that, this is more popular in the US. For ages too there was the “PS3 is too expensive” story which was never fucking news and doesn’t deserved a headline.

The stupid thing is, if you’re reading a games website they you probably have one. So why on earth would you care how many other people are buying them. In fact even if you were only thinking of buying one, how many other people bought it is wildly irrelevant. Choose the one that does what you want, who gives a fuck what other people thought. If you want this or that feature, get the console that has it. End of story.

Basically its a retarded case of insecurity. People want their decisions confirmed by the mass. Its the same as people who read game reviews for games they already bought. You see the most ridiculous comments on poor reviews, some idiots all like “no but it was great because of this, and i like that part etc etc” . I mean if you got it and you enjoyed it, good for you. Why are you reading the review?! You clearly already have your own opinion. Don’t start whining because someone disagrees. And stop filling the games new sites with pointless headlines about sales numbers. I though we were in it for fun, not to fucking count beans.

Over and out.

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