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Posted on November 20, 2010


It may be apparent (for what the stats page tells me is all 1.5 of you) that these posts tend to come in bunches. This is the natural product of a forgetful mind: I remember something of interest, pay attention to it intently for a while, get distracted, and leave it untended until i get reminded of it again. So I has been with blogs.
Of course with blogs the added feeling of throwing a message in a bottle into a great sea of messages in bottles (unashamed zeropunctuation quote) does a lot to dampen the enthusiasm. But the more i write, the more i feel the exercise is worth it for the good it does me as much as anything else.

But this post isn’t merely a whinge about the general uncaring attitude of the internet. No. If that bothered me I would have had to rip out all communication hardware from my laptop in order to retain sanity.

In fact this is the marker point for a new idea. I reminder to myself as much as anything. The idea, though not revolutionary, does intrigue me, and I approach it as a insect collector may do a strange new find.

The idea is this: just write. Thats all. Of course this doesn’t make sense without the context of the person behind it (me). What i’m trying to say (and the roundabout why i’m going illustrated the first test of this Idea) is that simply expressing myself is not something I normally do. My blog posts are always at least nominally edited, often considerably re-processed. Many are actually completions of scraps i wrote a long time ago, or copies of the more coherent pieces from one of my notebooks.

What I rarely do is simply write some crap, dump my brain into the great outdoors. What i never do is post the result in public (though some of my long-suffering friends have born the brunt of a Full Brain Unload).

But now, for various personal reasons, I feel the need to express myself in a much less controlled manner. My environment to date has been largely conducive to reasoned and reasonable expression – balanced, measured, referenced. In all an excellent way to communicate clearly and precisely.

But that is not enough. Sometimes you just need to say things – especially to say things without taking into account how those things will be received. To say outrageous things even – although once said, it can be interesting to pick out what things are really crazy, and which are simply so outside of people’s mental landscape that they refuse to accept their validity. Or which voice facts they would rather not hear (more on that another time).

Anyway, thats enough “just writing” for now. Or maybe it isn’t, but i feel that more brain unloading could fit better into a separate post.

Over and out.

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