The Police Part Deux

Posted on October 11, 2010


A coincidence got me thinking. Two things: a wall tag on the lines of “fuck the police” (well, roughly the equivalent in italian), and a story about a guy finding an FBI GPS tracker on his car. I came up with this:
If you are fighting with the police, you are fighting the wrong fight. Because the police you need to fight are the ones you can’t have a fight with.

I’m talking about intelligence services and all their ilk. A bunch of tossers holed up in MI5/FBI/NSA/KGB/you fucking name it. Unelected, unchallenged, given increasingly free reign in the name of national security, and if you end up on the wrong end of it all, you’re fucked.
I can’t truly express the deep rage this stokes in me: people so unbelievably arrogant they think they know whats best for everyone, think they can track and intimidate and suppress and kidnap with next to no accountability. It is for me the single most compact, most glaring example of how broken our system is, how unfair the distribution of power is. That the FBI can glue a tracker to a students car and, when he finds it, turn up to confiscate it while making open threats.

If anyone involved in any of these bodies ever reads this, ask yourself this: Who the FUCK do you think you are?

Why do these people magically gain such powers – they are in the end just people, just as flawed as everyone else, and nothing could qualify them to think they are responsible enough for this power.

European security services tend to be a bit more subtle -and a bit less heavy handed – but they are there. You want to fight authority? Smash up the £1 billion pound email tracking service. Trash the DNA banks, the CCTV records, and all the rest. Storm MI5, if you dare.
Or here’s a better suggestion. Or society is changing, and privacy as we knew it is done for. So demand this: if someone thinks they’re high and mighty enough to record what you do, do the same to them. Lets follow the chief of police around with clipboards noting his every move. Lets have every domestic intelligence officers’ DNA on a public databank. I mean its just a matter of time before ours gets forgotten on a train somewhere. Lets reshuffle this playing field and see how happy the surveillance advocates are then – when they too are under the scrutiny of the global web, their own lives exactly as exposed as they would like to make everyone elses’. I suspect they’ll be singing a different tune.

As for radical revolutions, consider this. You ever heard of a guy called Vladimir Putin? Do you know after what particular event HE came into the limelight? And what little organization he used to belong to?

Never forget, my dear revolutionaries, that the greatest manipulators and nastiest power brokers are the ones you do not see, and if you kick the hornets nest you will regret if you did not carefully prepare for what comes out.

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