A tricky problem

Posted on August 29, 2010


Here's a puzzler: how do you convince someone who agrees with you?

This is not as silly a question as it may seem. Read on!

I am studying Energy Science. Essentially renewable energy in all its forms: technology, policy, economics. So of course all the people studying it are pretty much on the same page: renewables are important, climate change is urgent.

But I am more radical than that. I believe the long term solution to our environmental problems lies in a pretty fundamental restructuring our very beliefs and values about what is important in our lives, what makes us happy, how we govern ourselves, and so one. Everyone here is in love with technology. I say we need our technofixes – but its a duct-tape solution, holding our global ecology stable as quickly as possible before everything falls apart. We are fucking with things we don't even begin to understand. Making the clean energy and everything stick goes beyond inventing the next gizmo. If we fail to do this we'll just be fucked when Peak.next() comes around.

So back to my problem. I would normally go about expounding this view as a part of a disagreement. Someone is blazé about the environment, and I clamber onto my soap-box and commence "Thou art mistaken!". But when everyone is agreeing with the first pricipals, where is the chink. Where is the crack in their world view in which to insert the crowbar of radical reform?

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