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Posted on May 2, 2010


Inevititablility. Something we refuse to face. Some things must come to pass. We guzzle our oil and coal and gas. These will run out, as surely as death's icy touch will take us. Cold and dark we will live, unless we accept.
Like death. To live in fear is to die young. To live in jealousy is half life, decaying over time period, denoted by lambda, exponentially decaying to nothing.

This too, must come to pass

Why do we create these things for our brains. It contains so much already. Discuss this trip with those you wish to impress. I, meanwhile, will be contented with Radiohead and Arcade Fire. Does your spice make people detatch themselves from the background and walk about like grisly cardboard cutouts animated by some unholy motion? This is in my mind, and no extras were employed to achieve the effect.

Does suicide appeal to you with an amost sexual attraction. To place that weapon to your head, to observe the result as a third party to yourself. You but not you, a copy to see the mess. Release is in the imagination, as even the extrodinary can be dull. Its really a matter of how you see things.

Sing, and a whole universe of atoms will resonate, their natural frequency determined by mass, spring constant, damping constant – proportional to acceleration and not speed. What concerns is not how fast we go, but how fast we want to change. Statis, even in motion, is widely satisfactory. Change, of all kinds, is resisted by our cerebrum – to smart to accept life, to stupid to deal with the the consequences of this.

Do you understand what is meant by "infinite perspective". Think of the mandelbrot fractal. No matter how you zoom in or out, the complexitity remains the same. Do that with your thoughts, your mind. Think about what you think. and about what you think about what you think. Analysis, process. There is no end to this process, every thought can be regarded from afar. Infinite perspective, fractal spiral ars reach out across phase space. The very notion of truth becomes hilarious.

So. Beleive what you like, but first open your eyes and see. Open your mind and see. Reach out and with your senses feel the world as it really is.

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