Beings in motion

Posted on December 5, 2009


What is the nature of man?

What are the properties of modern man?

Motion. We seek motion. There is a distinctive difference between societies. Some societies have found balence with nature – but they do so in stasis. Populations are low, change is slow, maybe even non-existant.

But something is different in the man of the modern age. Something restless has been born within. Something that seeks to reach out and change the world around him. To alter his environment, to invent. To re-make the world as he sees fit.

To become the God of his ancestors.

Recognizing the unalterable nature of the past, he pushes instead into the future, forming rather than let it form him, pushing time forward with his own hands.



He seeks to go farther, faster, higher. There is no simple reason, there is just the drive, like a giant spring inside that will not be satisfied until it has wound down. A giant energy that propels man even to the stars. To not be satisfied until he is there, not happy to let some machine go in his stead, he must take his conscience.

Even as he chews through the environment that sustains him.
But human kind is not a singular being. Changing the world does not mean destroying it. It is not the destruction that we seek as a species, it is the movement that requires fuel – fuel we can draw from many sources.
One thing that seems most abhorrant to most is to go back. To turn and wade back into the past we have been leaving at an ever accelerating pace, like a rocket launched into space.

It is too late to ignore what we have done. It is hard not to marvel, as terrible as our creations might be. Truely we have the power of gods, although our wisdom lags by far. We have unleashed energies at the heart of matter itself. We create life and mold it to our will. We wrest the elements from the earth and create structures that early people's would have worshipped. We seek to recreate the beginning of the universe itself – to become witnesses at our own birth.

Time is accelerating, and comes rushes towards us like a tsunami. And once again we are faced with the dictat of nature: Evolve, or perish. The race is on, as the water is ready to drown us – will we learn to fly?

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