Leaked emails “scandal” – where is the real conspiracy?

Posted on December 3, 2009



Recently the internets are alive with the so called "climate gate" scandal (so called because "nothing-gate" wouldn't really stick). In which climate scientists have been shown, against all expecation, to be normal human beings, and to employ jargon between themselves, and to in no way support the case of climate change deniers.
But here's a thought – for you folks who don't understand french, this article makes (in a somewhat roundabout way) a very good point.
A couple of weeks before copenhagen, someone hacks Copenhagen University's email system. Not an easy thing to do for starters – we're not talking your average kid here. Further more, within a couple of days, they go through HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF EMAILS and find ones which seem most likely to support the climate deniers cause.
So think, how many people would it have taken to do this? When was the last time you saw 10 emails in your inbox and thought, hell i'll read them later. Imagine being faced with 100 000! Finally, who has the most to loose at copenhagen? Somewhere, someone has got hold of top hackers to retrieve emails and a few dozen people to go through them all. So where is the real conspiracy?
In any case, we can only hope people will realise the emptiness of any claims based on this email… though i suspect people who don't are more or less locked into their deranged fantasy anyway.

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