Entropy on planet earth

Posted on October 27, 2009


Entropy and chaos. We attempt to maintain control over an inherently degenerating system. Only a constant influx of energy can slow entropy – and that only by moving it elsewhere. And energy supply is always limited. Disorder reigns supreme. The statistical God which dictates the eventual outcome of all endeavour.
Even our attempts at control only further the effect. Chaos reigns in the interactions of simple systems. Complexity emerges, growing, folding in hyperdimensional space. Its shape projected onto our experience-matrix we cannot hope to comprehend.
Madness grows, insanity. Talking heads nod upon glowing screens, each action just adds more data to the mix without ever collapsing possibilities, simplifying equations. Complexity grows and chaos rises. Recovery of the system to a pseudo-order state rapidly becomes impossible. The only option is ride upon the fractal wave of chaos – like Loki, feed upon it and make it your strength.
Death in stagnancy, life in change.

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